Homemade Society is a community of chefs and hosts reviving the homemade meal. Every quarter, we pair up-and-coming local chefs with off-beat homes to create meals for a good cause. In the spirit of sharing, people in the society are meant to pass on their membership to future diners and all proceeds are donated to a charity of the Airbnb host's choice. Some people call it a wandering supper club. Others say a charitable pop-up. All we know is that it feels good to break bread among the company of strangers.


questions & answers 


Q: I heard that the event is for charity.  How do you choose what charities to donate to?

A: The Homemade Society exists on the philosophy of sharing which also includes a portion of proceeds from the event. Each dinner is different, with the charity being selected by the hosts of the home that the dinner takes place. 


Q: I want to be in the society! How can I be part of it? 

A: The society is on a referral basis only. To be considered for future dinners when space opens up, please send us an email at hello@homemadesociety.com


Q: My friend has a killer home that could be great for future dinners. Is it possible to consider her space even though it's not on Airbnb?

A: Yes! We are always looking to feature interesting spaces (and chefs) for future events. Please submit an application here.


Q: I have a dietary restriction but would like to attend a dinner. Do you accommodate for this. 

A: While it's difficult for us to accommodate multiple dietary restrictions, we can try with advance notice. Please shoot us an email! 


Q: If I'm a guest at a dinner and nominate someone who is not interested in attending, can I nominate someone else to be in the society?

A: Yes! We will let you know if someone you refer declines on joining. 


Q: Can I nominate myself if I want to go to a future dinner? 

A: Unfortunately not. This society is unique in that it is based on the idea of sharing your experience with others hence why we encourage the referral system. With this in mind, previous society members are contacted first if seats open up for future dinners. We'll also have larger events for all society members on a quarterly basis. 


Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: We only accept cancellations up to 1 week before the event. Please plan accordingly.